CAD / Representation

>>_Nell Fisher Reserve ~ Birkenhead Library (2011)

A visual representation of the Birkenhead Library siting amongst Nell Fisher Reserve.  I created a model in Archi CAD before rendering images and video in VUE. Photoshop was used to place people and enhance the images further.


>>_Analysis & Conceptual Exploration – Reversing Landscape Mosaics (2011)

‘Reversing landscape mosaics’ or ‘tri-patched’ at a larger scale are concepts placing bush reserves at the center of city nodes, density decrees moving out from the node. An exploration of how a streetscape would work was developed. This was driven from catchment management perspective with integrated water treatment devices.  


>>_Topography Model (2010)

The Unitec sports fields are a landform with varied and large topography changes. The assignment was to model this topography. Buildings are used to reference and context. An area of focuses was given to the rugby fields and its surrounding buildings with objects fading in detail relative to their depth.


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