I grew up surrounded by passion for design and appreciation for the creative fields. Care and passion for the environment and natural world was always important to those around me. The field of Landscape Architecture was a nurtured and natural outcome.

_My Philosophy

I believe in environments both urban and rural hosting natural, organic systems.  These systems clean, protect, sustain, nurture, provide habitat, and connect ecology. They should have integrity as important functioning ecology systems; secondary they provide visual and recreational amenities.

I believe landscape should be present.  A world in which people witness, appreciate and know their surroundings. Ephemeral, forever, micro or universal landscapes have interaction with us. Therefore Understanding and respected should be convention.

I believe design and landscape should be functional.  The Natural word is living. It is purposeful and functional. The natural world is beautiful and complex beyond aesthetics. Design should aim to maintain this.


.1_ Landscape architecture is steward to our environment.

.2_ Investigation, exploration, design, and management are a part of how art, ecology, science and creativity form our profession.